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Built for speed and control, with your organization in mind.

Unrivaled speed

Everything we do at Box Out Sports is designed to make graphic creation faster. From efficient workflow design, to industry-leading hardware, we make every effort to get you in, out, and on with your job, all while ensuring the best quality in graphic production.

Average still graphic generation time
Average motion graphic generation time
Box Out Sports allows for unmatched control to let your staff and assistants create graphics

Delegate with confidence

We have several layers of permissions, allowing you to give other staff, coaches, or assistants the ability to create graphics within your brand parameters. Specify only certain templates, fonts, or colors, and trust that any graphic created from Box Out Sports will be on brand.

Advanced motion

Get complex and eye-catching motion graphics without having to know a lick of After Effects. Our motion templates are the most advanced in the industry, and they are generated in record time. From stories to features, our motion graphics make your teams look first-class.

teams and logos

Team and logo database

We have a library of teams and logos for you to search through when adding opponents to your teams. Each team has a logo, their primary and secondary colors, mascot, and more. No more searching for hex values every time you need to add opponent data, saving you even more time.

Ready-made templates

No matter if you need to get up and running fast, or have to work inside of a budget, our template store is the place to start. Start demoing our templates today. Decide what plan works for you after you see what we have to offer.

per month
per year (save $240)
Unlimited teams
Unlimited administrators
Unlimited team users
70+ templates
per month
per year (save $600)
Everything in Basic, and…
230+ templates
20+ video templates
Player and opponent database
per month
per year (save $900)
Everything in Plus, and…
310+ templates
80+ video templates
Live stat integration

Need to look unique?

Already have a graphic design team, but want to distribute the creation of those graphics? We’ve worked with some of the biggest names in sports to incorporate custom designs into our system. Our system can allow non-designer staff to generate both still and motion graphics that fit your brand and current marketing theme. Just contact us to get a quote.

Examples of Box Out Sports custom graphics

First-class features

Create graphics on phone or tablet
Upload photos from mobile
Switch easily between multiple teams
Manage multiple users per team
Integrate with live stats providers
Multiple custom templates per team
Organize roster photos and names
Organize opponent names and logos
SSL encryption
Send directly to Twitter and Facebook
In-app support
Export archives of all graphics

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Want to talk to us about custom design or integrations? Or just have more questions about how we can help promote your team? Let us know!

You can also try out our templates without having to schedule a demo, or wait for us to get back to you.

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